Key West, a unique place known for courage, independency and creativity.

We have been frequent visitors to this charming island and its almost hidden hotel. Daily at 5 o’clock, a tiny mobile bar was placed in the pool area and the guests could pour themselves a nice cold beverage.

The bar was very appealing to the colorful guests, who soon got involved in enthusiastic and passionate conversations with each other.

Over the years we met with unique characters like Joe, a world-famous musician. A Hollywood make-up artist and a woman that stayed at the hotel to write her 4th novel. There was a biker couple that came all the way down from Alaska. And from the UK a surgeon with his wife celebrating their honeymoon. Just to name few.

GOODMANS GIN embodies that special atmosphere and remarkable personalities.

And blends, courage, independence and creativity into a handcrafted, authentic gin.